ROOTS Consulting Services (Genealogy, Scotland)


You may make payments by the following methods:-

  1. By cheque - either in your own currency* or Sterling

  2. By International Money Order - preferably in Sterling

  3. By cash - also in your own currency* or Sterling

    *Please allow a further 5 pounds sterling (minimum) as an additional charge which is required by the Bank as its fee to convert foreign cheques or currency.

  4. Credit transfer (VISA etc.)

However,firstly, please, use the Universal Currency Converter to convert from your own currency to and from Sterling.

N.B.There are 'quirks' because the Currency Converter refers to American and USA dollars and then to GB and UK Sterling - in both instances these refer to that country's currency but under a different name.

For larger payments it would be less expensive to send either a Sterling Money Order or a cheque - of course, allowing time for this to "clear" in the UK.