ROOTS Consulting Services (Genealogy, Scotland)


Whether planning a visit to Scotland or seeking to expand a family history project ROOTS Consulting Services (Scotland) can offer its combined expertise and specialised knowledge to ensure that a holiday in Scotland; England or Wales will provide unique and treasured memories.

With our expertise we can help you shape and expand your family history projects or create individual itineraries that will enable you to experience this island in a unique and personal way.

ROOTS Consulting Services (Scotland) can provide assistance in compiling a family history project special to each client or, alternatively, help with those ‘missing links’.

ROOTS Consulting Services (Scotland). Due to the increase of data available through Scotland's People, ROOTS is now offering a special three generation search for a small flat rate fee. This should take you back from the present day to where the records are available on-line**.

However, for those clients who prefer we can develop Family Trees based on either one line of parental descent or both using only officially recognised research material.

Presented in its own presentation folder Family Trees include Mortality Tables as well as Family Groupings with lineage guaranteed and verified by relevant reference details.

ROOTS Consulting Services (Scotland) researches throughout Scotland only. As regards English; Irish or Welsh research we can provide contact names and addresses if required.

As each projected itinerary develops ROOTS Consulting Services (Scotland) will be happy to prepare approximate costs and make suggestions on how specific budgets may be met. Advice will be offered on currency differences, tipping, as well as accommodation terminology, etc.

ROOTS Consulting Services (Scotland) believes that in offering this unique service it is reflecting the unbounded hospitality and friendship Scotland is famed for the world over.

**The records on Scotland's People start with Death records from 50 years ago; Marriages from 75 years and Births at 100 years or more. Anything from those dates to the present will continue having to be researched independently.